The Prizes of the 7th Edition

1st Prize and Liviu Borlan Trophy
(Gold 2 Diploma, with 93,44 points)
Zoltán Kodály Choir
Conductor: Végh Mónika
Debrecen, HUNGARIA
2nd Prize
(Silver 2 Diploma, with 82,91 points)
Ars Cantandi Choir
Conductor: Anna Grabowska-Borys
Wroclaw, POLAND
3rd Prize and Mass-Media Diploma
(Silver 1 Diploma, with 79,89 points)
Montana Choir
Conductor: Snezhina Georgieva și Mario Penev
4th Place and Stephan’s Tower Prize and the Prize of promoting and conserving the traditional culture of the Maramures County Center 
( Silver 1 Diploma, with 77,97 points)
Cantarad Choir
Conductor: Magdalena Lödi
5th Place and the Prize of the Human for Human Association of the Templar Order and the Prize of the Commerce and Industry Chamber Maramures 
(Bronz 2 Diploma, with 74,63 points)
Solemnis Choir
Conductor: Maria Chiș
Satu Mare, ROMÂNIA
6th Place, Friendship Prize of the Harmony Friends Association, Rotary Diploma and the Popularity Prize granted to the conductor 
(Bronz 1 Diploma, with 69,42 points)
Arhanghelii Choir
Conductor: Gheorghe Alin Negrea
Toplița, ROMÂNIA