Welcome to the
Liviu Borlan International Choral Festival!

The Xth edition of the festival will take place in Baia Mare, Romania

 6–7 September, 2024

Regardless of language, tradition or heritage music unites us all. It brings to the forefront the values of every nation arranging them on a single staff and allowing them to be discovered and heard beyond the barrier of words.

Dotted through the history of each and every nation, music has always been able to voice everyone’s feelings. Music was and always will be the voice of love, beauty, happiness and sadness. In this context the festival proposes the rediscovery of a very valuable Romanian legacy by dusting off the wonderful creations of (maestro) Liviu Borlan. Getting to know and then share these gems outside our borders will serve as an invitation to an intercultural exchange through music.

Between 1995 and 1997 in Baia Mare we have attempted to organise a festival designed to host vocal and instrumental acts form different counties – a festival named Liviu Borlan.

Hereby trying through MUSIC to re-discover the universal values of PEACE, FRIENDSHIP and TOLERANCE!