Competition Rules 2021


“10th Liviu Borlan International Choir Festival and Competition”

Baia Mare, Romania, September 9 – 12, 2021

  1. Registration for “Liviu Borlan International Choir Festival and Competition”

In order to register for the Competition of Liviu Borlan International Festival the choirs will have to follow the next steps:

The choirs will have to:

  • Pay a deposit of 300 Euros representing the registration fee for the festival / choir to the following account, : RO60 WBAN 2511 0220 2550 6553, Banca Comerciala INTESA SANPAOLO BANK, Romania, Baia Mare, holder Asociatia Prietenii Armoniei;

To complete the registration, please send the following:

  • Competition Registration Form – DOWNLOAD
  • One representative piece – mp3 recorded by the choir
  • A short bio of the choir (max. 1000 characters with spaces included)
  • A high quality digital picture of the Choir
  • A short bio of the conductor (max. 800 characters with spaces)
  • A high quality digital picture of the conductor
  • Chosen repertoire together with the scores of the chosen repertoire, in the order they will be presented in the competition, in scan form send by e-mail (mandatory 1 piece has to be chosen among those in the list of the “compulsory repertoire” composed by Liviu Borlan – see list).

Deadline for registration to the Festival – March 31, 2021 (the date of the post if the documents are sent by post).

All requested documents, including proof of payment, will be sent until March 31, 2021 by e-mail at

The Organizer of “Liviu Borlan International Choir Festival and Competition is Asociația Prietenii Armoniei (Friends of Harmony Association), Blv. Unirii, 14A No, ap. 46, Baia Mare, postal code 430272, Maramureș County, Romania, tel./ fax +40 262 227 723.

The organizer reserves the right to use the materials received in promoting the festival-contest or later in its publicity.

2. Selection

Enrolments will be registered in the order of arrival. They will be subject to approval by the Artistic Committee, whose decision will be announced to both selected and non-selected choirs, by e-mail or fax, no later than April 20, 2021.

The Artistic Committee will select a maximum of 10 choirs for the Competition. If a choir decides not to participate after the selection phase, the choirs from the 11th and the 12th position can be included in the competition (with their permission), but no later than August 1st, 2021.

3. Classes

“Liviu Borlan International Choir Festival and Competition” is open to all mixed voice and equal voices amateur choirs. Ninety per cent of all members of a choir, except the conductor, must be amateurs (i.e. people who do not earn their main livelihood as singers).

4. Competition Repertoire

Each selected choir will present four (4) pieces as follow:

  1. compulsory piece by Liviu Borlan which has to be chosen from a list of pieces selected by the Festival Committee. The mandatory pieces have marked the difficulty coefficient which is taken into consideration by the jury.
  2. One piece, sacred or secular, by a composer of the Renaissance, Baroque or Classical period, performed a cappella. The Jury will evaluate especially the fidelity to style.
  3. One piece, sacred or secular, written after 1900, performed a cappella.
  4. A folk or traditional song from the choir’s native Country. Accompaniment may be provided by specific traditional instruments if required for authenticity. Recorded accompaniment is not allowed. An English translation of the lyrics or a summary of each score must be sent.

* All scores must be sent together with the order of interpretation in the contest, scanned, until July 15th, 2019.

The total presenting time is 11-17 minutes of pure singing time (that is, the duration of the performed pieces excluding applause and going on to or leaving the stage).

Choirs will be penalized two points for not respecting the time limits set out in the above rules.

Subsequent to repertoire entry a choir may not change its repertoire nor the order in which it will be sung.

5. Assessment Criteria

Choirs will be judged according the following criteria:

  1. INTONATION (weight 40% of the total)
    1. FIDELITY TO THE SCORE (weight 15% of the total)
    1. SOUND QUALITY (weight 20% of the total)
    1. PROGRAMME CHOICE (weight 15% of the total) – pay attention to the difficulty coeffient of the mandatory songs
    1. OVERALL ARTISTIC IMPRESSION (weight 10% of the total)

The jury may award a maximum of 100 points for each choir and song (at which is applied the difficulty coefficient for the musical works of Liviu Borlan),  as follows: * 95,01-100,00: Outstanding * 85,01-95,00: Excellent * 80,01-85,00: Very Good * 75,01-80,00: Good * 65,01-75,00: Moderate

According to the mark achieved, Bronze, Silver and Gold Diplomas will be awarded. If the choir does not achieve a Diploma (mark under 65,01) it will receive a certificate of participation. Each member of the Jury will write a report containing reviews and impressions about the performed repertoire of the choirs. The reports, in English or in Romanian language, will be sent to the choirs by email after the end of the Competition.

Bronze Diploma165,01 – 70,00
270,01 – 75,00
Silver Diploma175,01 – 80,00
280,01 – 85,00
Gold Diploma185,01 – 90,00
290,01 – 95,00
395,01 – 100,00

6. Prizes

The awarded prizes are as follows:

  • First Prize (the choir with the highest score, with minimum 85,01 points): 3.000 Euros
  • Second Prize (the choir with the second highest score, with minimum 75,01 points): 2.000 Euros
  • Third Prize (the choir with the third highest score, with minimum 70,01 points): 1.000 Euros
  • Liviu BorlanTrophy: 1.000 Euros – The Liviu Borlan Trophy will be given for the best performance of the Liviu Borlan compulsory piece

Other awards will be given by the competition sponsors and by the media.

All participant choir groups will be awarded Diplomas and Certificates of Participation in accordance with their results.

7. The competition Jury

The assessment will be made by a jury made up of 7 members, nationally and internationally acknowledged as follows:

  • three members from the music academies in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi (specialists in conducting academic choirs);
  • three international specialists;
  • one specialists from Baia-Mare (the Art High School representative)

A written adjudication (with artistic and technical impression) will be given to every choir by each member of the Jury.

If at the final results it will be an equality, the tie it will be made by the president of the jury.

The members of the jury will lead shorts workshop regarding various aspects of the choral conducting, history of choral music, interpretation of a style according with the timetable that will be published within the August 20th, 2021.

8. General information

  • Read the Regulations carefully because they contain all the details concerning the choice of the programme and assessment criteria as well as the enrolment procedures;
  • All the choir groups must be familiarized with these rules;
  • Please specify the number of required music stands;
  • During the competition each choir group will profit by suitable spaces for changing or for depositing personal effects and warm up (the rooms will be made available 30 min prior to the beginning of the competition);
  • The order of appearance in the two assessment series will be the one chosen by the draw made by the Artistic Director of the festival;
  • 5 choir group swill take part in one assessment series while the other five will have reserved seats in the concert hall;
  • The Artistic Director of the festival reserves the right to add or alter the present regulations;
  • The Jury’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding any aspect of its decision;
  • In no circumstances will any person (other than authorised officials) be allowed on the stage or backstage during the competition;
  • It is contrary to law to perform music if the score has been reproduced illegally. Should a choir do so the Festival accepts no responsibility for any action taken by publishers;
  • The Festival Organisers and the Musical Director accept no legal responsibility what so ever in respecto anything pertaining to a choir’s participation in theFestival;
  • Submission of an entry form and participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all the Competition Rules and Regulations;
  • The participants (through their representative) may be asked to take part in press conferences, round tables and interviews;
  • During the Festival, each choir will give a 30 minutes recital in Baia Mare according to the programme and locations agreed upon by the organisers with a free-choice repertoire;

9. Broadcasting and Recording Rights

It is a condition of participation that any choir must agree:

– that any performance it gives during the Festival may be broadcast live and/ or recorded for subsequent broadcast on radio and/or television without payment to the choir. All broadcasting rights to any performance at the Festival shall belong to the Festival which will be free to dispose of them as it sees fit.

– that any performance it gives during the Festival may, without payment, be recorded and the Festival shall be entitled to possession of any such recording and shall further be entitled to reproduce any such recording and to sell, hire, offer or display for sale or hire, distribute or otherwise dispose of any recording or reproduction of recording of any such performance in any manner that it sees fit.

10. Festival Fees

Besides the selection and registration fees that are related to the group, choirs which have confirmed participation will be requested to pay by August 1st, 2021, as a balance, 15 Euros for each member of the choir, including the director and the pianist/musicians, as a festival  administrative fee. If a Choir decides not to participate after sending the balance, but until August 1st, 2021, the Organisation will keep 50% of that amount paid. If the cancellation by the choir will come after the August 15th, 2021 the Organisation will keep 75% of the amount paid.

Cancellation: in the unlikely event of cancellation of the Competition, fees will be refunded in full.

11. Accomodation and Meals

Offers for accommodation and meals will be posted by the end of January 2021

Payment of accommodation and meals is to be made until 1st of August 2021!

12. Optional Programmes outside festival     

  • Pre-festival trips
  • Post-festival trips

For details and reservations please send your request to our tourism 0agency partner Advisio Turism at . For best deals please refer to the Liviu Borlan International Choral Festival. For final reservations a 30% down-payment by August 1th, 2021 should be made.