Registered choirs 2015

List of registered choirs 2015 in the order of arrival:

  1. „Atzele” – Aluksne, Letonia (mixt)
  2. „Ivan Spassov” – Plovdiv, Bulgaria (chamber choir)
  3. „Dignus est” – Vaslui, România (men choir)
  4. „Josif Marinkovic” – Zrenjanin, Serbia (youth mixed choir)
  5. „ Cyril and Methodius’’ – Veles, Macedonia (women choir)
  6. „Naşterea Domnului” – Arad, România (mixt)
  7. „Cantabile” – Panciu, România (mixt)
  8. „Youth Female Choir – MKC’’ – Skopje, Macedonia (women choir)
  9. „Leon Băncilă” – Fălticeni, România (mixt)
  10. „Vox Art’Is” – Iaşi, România (mixt)
  11. „Armonia” – Constanţa, România (men choir)

Thank you for your interest in Liviu Borlan International Choral-Contest Festival 2015!

The registrations will be subject to approval by the Artistic Committee, whose decision will be announced to both selected and non-selected choirs, by e-mail or fax, no later than 20 May 2015. The Artistic Committee will select a maximum of ten choirs for the Competition.